What can I expect at the first appointment?

What is homeopathy and what can I expect at the first appointment with Dr Gramlich?

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Homeopathy is a system of energy medicine that gently and effectively alleviates symptoms (either mental or physical) of diseases by correcting the cause of the symptoms rather than just suppressing symptoms.

Homeopathy is best understood within a framework of QUANTUM PHYSICS-it is like this:
All symptoms that a person experiences in a diseased state are material expressions of an energetic pattern disturbance.  This pattern disturbance “disturbs” your state thus causing
dis-ease or feeling “unwell”.

My job as your homeopath is to understand what PATTERN DISTURBANCE is being EXPRESSED as symptoms at the mental and/or physical level. This pattern disturbance is an energetic one- it is beyond mind and body and it is beyond even the unconscious- it exists at the level of energy (the immaterial).  Although the pattern disturbance exists as a phenomenonbeyond mind and body it’s expressions or “reverberations” are experienced by the patient at the mind/ body level (the level of the material) as symptoms (awareness). These symptoms or awareness of discomfort or un-wellness are what motivates the patient to seek a healing modality. As this pattern disturbance is beyond mind and body it is not RATIONAL and thus cannot be FIGURED OUT or REASONED by the mind.  It can only be observed as a phenomenon.  Not the WHY of it but the WHAT of it. Therefore, what you as a patient will experience at the first three hour appointment with me will be an extensive interview where I will be asking you many questions- the main question being “What is your experience of the symptom?”. This will lead you to a deeper level of introspection- to the level of energy where you may find yourself saying things that do not seem to make sense or in fact seem IRRATIONAL. This is because at the level of energy it is IRRATIONAL (beyond the mind) – it is PATTERN LANGUAGE at this level- the language of energy- the language of SENSATION (which is UNIVERSAL). This is deeper than the language of EMOTIONS and LOGIC/RATIONALITY which is at the level of mind and limited to humans which is at a more superficial level.

Although this pattern disturbance originates at the energetic level beyond mind and body it’s expressions CONNECT mind and body- you hear the same VIBRATION (SENSATION) on the mind and body level. For example a patient who has a stomach ache describes the pain as SQUEEZING and then later in the appointment he says he hates his job because he feels SQUEEZED by his boss. So to alleviate the pattern disturbance (the CAUSE- which is at the level of energy or vibration which is immaterial) and thus cure the symptoms (which are material RESULTS of the cause) we need an energetic intervention that has a similar vibration -in other words the intervention cannot be at the material level (conventional medicines pills and drugs)-that is the wrong FREQUENCY the wrong VIBRATION – it is too dense.  We need a vibration of a similar frequency – the HOMEOPATHIC REMEDY which is also beyond the material and is in fact at the level of IMMATERIAL -pure ENERGY– the FINEST MOST SUBTLE vibration.

So by understanding the principle that all symptoms express a deeper energetic pattern disturbance, during your appointment I will be asking questions, listening and observing, in order to uncover the deeper pattern disturbance and then match it with a similar pattern from a source in nature in the form of a homeopathic remedy (either pellets that are dissolved under the tongue or liquid). Then by the laws of resonance the remedy will NULLIFY or SILENCE the disturbing frequency (the PATTERN DISTURBANCE). Once that is “silenced” the “reverberations” (the physical or mental symptoms) are also silenced. The symptoms are eliminated and health or state of wellness is restored. It is very similar to the noise canceling headphones that are so much in use today by airline passengers. What the headphones do is hone in on the frequency of the disturbing noise and match it with a similar frequency and then by laws of resonance the unwanted noise is eliminated while leaving all the comfortable noises like the flight attendant asking you if you would like a pillow. As the homeopathic remedies are energetic of the finest vibration, there are no side effects or toxicities.

Working with these universal laws of energy and healing Homeopathy is very effective in treating all types of diseases and is an very viable alternative for many patients suffering from diseases for which conventional therapies fall short. Arthritis, autoimmune disorders, hypertension, diabetes, infections, chronic fatique, fibromyalgia, psychiatric disorders, ADHD, depression, anxiety just to name few.